Though Robert Latorre’s business card may read, “Director/Cameraman for Big Fish Films”, it could with just as much veracity declare Developer, Innovator and Visionary across the Frontiers of Art and Technology in the 21st Century.” Schooled in the traditional art of still-photography, Latorre effortlessly transitioned to film over 25 years ago when he founded Big Fish Films and has consistently kept his eye on the far horizon ever since. Despite an early deluge of prestigious industry awards, Latorre refused to shackle his ambitions to any rote methodology and soon the New Yorker, now Dallasite developed his greatest innovation: the Big Freeze, a stop-motion polygamy of still-photography, film, and the cutting-edge of technology that brought still more acclaim and recognition to Latorre. Through eyes alert to the most subtle and beautiful details of light and composition, Latorre continues to see every production to completion with professional vision that has become as characteristic of him as the wooly chops on his whiskered face. A master craftsman from beginning to end, Latorre’s diverse portfolio includes spots for international companies such as ATT, BBC, Honda, Samsung, and Heineken.

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